Relay8 Shield MySensors OpenHAB

I’m in the process of creating a lighting node on my MySensors network with the relay8 shield. I’ve opted to use the wired MySensors Network (RS485) using some boards I got off of eBay.

As per the image you can see the top shield is a prototype shield with the rs485 module attached. The relay8 shield is in the middle and the uno board at the base.

Freetronics Relay8 Shield

I’ve recently got my hands on a Freetronics Relay8 Shield for an Arduino Uno. The plan is to install this as a lighting controller and have it available to OpenHAB via either MySensors or MQTT. As I progress with the install I’ll make a few posts and show a few pictures of the set up. Freetronics is a great Australian company specialising in home automation products.


I’m currently running OpenHAB as well as domoticz. OpenHAB surprised me with support for Belkin WeMo with a click of a button (downloading an add on). OpenHAB items and rules are a little bit more complicated but there are several tutorials online. As I get further into OpenHAB I’ll post more information and possibly a comparassion between the two platforms.