ESPHome Beken MCU

Successfully using ESPHome on beken chips.

Using ESPHome I was able to get my cb2s chip working in HomeAssistant. Most of the “smart devices” sold at the local hardware store are now using beken chips as their MCU. Flashing can be done via serial (involves opening up the case) or if you are lucky enough, cloudcutter.

Here is some example code for ESPHome:

  board: cb2s
    version: dev
# Enable logging

# Enable Home Assistant API
    key: <api key>

  password: <ota pass>

  ssid: iot_ssid
  password: <iot password>

  # Enable fallback hotspot in case wifi connection fails
    ssid: "${friendly_name} Fallback Hotspot"
    password: <fallback pwd>


  - platform: template
    name: Plug1 Uptime Human Readable
    id: uptime_human
    icon: mdi:clock-start
  - platform: wifi_info
      name: Plug1 IP Address
      entity_category: diagnostic

Relay8 Shield MySensors OpenHAB

I’m in the process of creating a lighting node on my MySensors network with the relay8 shield. I’ve opted to use the wired MySensors Network (RS485) using some boards I got off of eBay.

As per the image you can see the top shield is a prototype shield with the rs485 module attached. The relay8 shield is in the middle and the uno board at the base.

Freetronics Relay8 Shield

I’ve recently got my hands on a Freetronics Relay8 Shield for an Arduino Uno. The plan is to install this as a lighting controller and have it available to OpenHAB via either MySensors or MQTT. As I progress with the install I’ll make a few posts and show a few pictures of the set up. Freetronics is a great Australian company specialising in home automation products.