Save chrome page as PDF

Rather than install an extension into Google chrome to save a page as a PDF, you can easily save the webpage you’re on in a few clicks.

After some researching I found a lot of these extensions available were sending the webpage you were on to a third party for processing (which I wasn’t too happy with for security reasons).

Then I found the simple way!

For Windows users – Hit print ( Ctrl + P) and under destination choose “Save as PDF”.

It’s that easy!


PDFtk The PDF Toolkit

I found myself scouring the internet looking for the best way to merge PDF files to create a single PDF document.

I found many free programs and some great looking online services. I ended up going with a great little program called PDFtk – Free , a free utility for Windows that makes merging PDF’s simple.

Within a few minutes I had downloaded, installed and then merged by PDF files! Great end result.

PDF Labs PDFtk